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2FM's Dan Hegarty, has compiled his Top 50 Irish Albums of 2013 for Red Bull Music, and PolyDROID has come in at No.25 with Machines of Pure and Loving Grace.

"Depending on who you talk to, the so-called Golden Age of Irish music have taken place at various stages of different decades. But surely there's been more than one!

The last two years has been a really special time for music; whether you're talking about Eps, albums or one-off tunes. Below is a list of what's made 2013 a great year for music for me – the brilliant, the surprising, and the previously unknown..."

30. Tieranniesaur 'DIYSCO'
29. Cian Nugent & The Cosmos 'Born With The Caul'
28. Geisha 'Further/Closer'
27. Bell X1 'Chop Chop'
26. Little Green Cars 'Absolute Zero'
25. PolyDROID 'Machines Of Pure And Loving Grace'
24. Somadrone 'The First Wave'
23. I Am The Cosmos – 'Monochrome'
22. Swords 'Lions & Gold'
21. Band Of Clouds 'Appear To Float'

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Poster for the PolyDROID debut album 'Machines of Pure and Loving Grace', available to buy here.

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2FM DJ Dan Hegarty makes ‘Machine of Pure and Loving Grace’ one of his 3 albums of the week. He has been playing music from the album all this week on his  show ‘The Alternative'.

PolyDROID’s album ‘Machines Of Pure Loving Grace’ is further proof that there is still excellent music coming out during music’s ‘Silly Season’. Sometimes cinematic, sometimes brooding, it oozes class through its every pulse. There isn’t always justice when it comes to music, but if there is any for PolyDROID, it will see ‘Machines Of Pure Loving Grace’ reach far and wide.”  Dan Hegarty.

2FM – The Alternative with Dan Hegarty

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'Machines of Pure and Loving Grace'

PolyDROID debut album 'Machines of Pure and Loving Grace' was released on Novemebr 28th 2013 by spanish label Cold Beats Records.

Available to purchase at the Cold Beats Bandcamp page as download and CD. Limited to 150 physical CD copies.

Vinyl coming soon.


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‘Machines of Pure and Loving Grace’ explores the concept of man losing his humanity to the machine. The idea that empathy and compassion, love and grace, may some day become the preserve of the artificial being, is the thread that runs through this collection of brooding electronica.

Equipment used on ‘Machines of Pure and Loving Grace’: Roland Jupiter 8, Jupiter 4, System 100, Juno 60, Moog Prodigy, Multimoog, Korg Mono/Poly, Sequential Pro One.

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1/2 Rectification/Not too Neat

3 Ode to an Android

4 Day of Rest

5 You are Transparent

6 Enhance 224

7 Only a Cell

8 Ode From an Android


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